The Garden

From a very young age I have always dreamed of gardening. Originally, that was limited to planting colorful annuals and and a few tomato plants from the local super-store, which in California’s San Joaquin Valley grew effortlessly. But with inspiration from some very wonderful gardeners and their gardens, my vision of what makes a garden has become both bigger and smaller.

Bigger because I now see that what is a garden can begin with just a few pots by a front door — or some plants under lights — and expand to magnificent landscapes of 100s of acres. Smaller because, while the audience for a garden can be one person or all of humanity, the gardens that touch our souls are ultimately the result of a personal connection between the garden and it’s gardener.


Gardeners are constantly concerned about the health of the plants they grow. That easily transfers to a concern for the health of the planet. And, once you begin to grow a few vegetables and fruits, you are offered the opportunity to consider how eating them effects your own health.

And of course, there can be a few aches and pains at the end of a day of working in the garden that make a hot shower and some stretches feel wonderful. Welcome to the slippery slope of an interest in personal health.